Keygap is Lost? Sorry.

Keygap, as you know, is a small piece of text extracted from your private RSA key in order to prevent your money loss in case of our database is stolen. You get the Keygap when you register your account with WTS or any other client of the WTS, like a mobile wallet. What if you lose it? Can you restore the access to your wallet somehow? Not really.

Once again, when you create an account in WTS, our server creates a private RSA key for you and stores it in the database. Then, it extracts a small part of it, removes it from the RSA key text and shows you. You should read it and save locally, somewhere in your records. The screen should look like this:

This is your keygap. You have to save it and never share with anyone. We don’t keep it in our database. Nobody knows it, except you.

What do you do if you lost it?

You take a deep breath. Your zolds are lost forever.

Now it’s time to click Restart and create a new wallet. You will get a new keygap. Don’t lose it this time.

Sorry, bro.