Zold is an experimental community-driven project. It has a very ambitious technical roadmap. Join us in Telegram to make this plan real.

This is our current technical focus (most urgent and critical are at the top):

  • Stabilize zold-stress for big numbers, and reach 100 tps
  • Get rid of memory leakage
  • Packaged PUSH and FETCH
  • Incremental PUSH and FETCH (to avoid full wallet data transfer)
  • #554: Zombie processes
  • #315: Make UPDATE more efficient, via mtime()
  • #279: Wallet aliases
  • #235: More effective wallet spreading mechanism
  • #403: Make node errors visible via HTTP
  • #230: --trust for PUSH and PULL
  • #211: Help nodes stay visible for longer, if they are reliable
  • #140: HTTPS for the entire RESTful API
  • #280: Pro-active pulling of wallets
  • Release Java client API
  • #96: NScore for PULL
  • #74: Make local changes visible before PUSH
  • #43: Score graph
  • MongoDB backend
  • AWS DynamoDB backend
  • AWS S3 backend
  • Incremental HTTP protocol, to avoid traffic duplication
  • Mobile wallet (iOS and Android)
  • Mobile node
  • Launch Telegram bot


15 Nov
Zold-stress, a stress-test automated command like toolkit released. Score calculating code moved to its own repository zold-score, and C/C++ implementation introduced. Node aliases introduced in #249. HTTP requests performance improved in #176. Reboot mechanism is connected to the RubyGems website, in #181.

30 Jul
#412: Scores are being calculated in a separate process, which makes HTTP front-end a few times faster (but still pretty slow).

22 Jul
#399: PUSH, PULL, and UPDATE are multi-threaded now, which makes them much faster than before.

14 Jul
#402: Critical bugs with nodes connectivity were fixed, the network is stable (over 70 nodes).

8 Jul
This blog has been started and the first article has been published.

2 Jul
The first version of the Green Paper has been published.

16 Jun
We started to recruit Ruby developers on StackOverflow, to build a team.

28 May
The first transaction has been sent.

20 May
The first version of the White Paper has been published.

12 May
Version 0.1 has been released to RubyGems.

29 Jan
The idea was born. It became obvious that having our own cryptocurrency would be benefitial for Zerocracy.