Where to Buy ZLD?

Zold is a cryptocurrency with a mission. It doesn’t have Airdrop or Bounty programs. We created it as a catalyst for the revolution of software development industry, Zerocracy is leading. There are only three four possible ways to get ZLD.

First, you can fund any sandbox project managed by Zerocrat and get the equivalent amount of ZLD, according to the Exchange Rate at the moment of the contribution. Say, donate $32 and immediately get about 11 ZLD to your web wallet (1 ZLD = $2.95, at the moment of writing). We will identify you by your GitHub user name. Check out the projects Board and look for those with the “sandbox” badge.

You can even donate to Zold Ruby core project itself, just click this button and pay via Stripe:

Click to donate via Zerocracy

Second, you can instantly convert your bitcoins to zold as explained, just start here (you will be authenticated via mobile phone).

Third, you can join one of the projects managed by Zerocrat as a programmer and receive ZLD for the tasks completed. At the moment we give away ZLD as a bonus on top of every dollar you make in Zerocracy. If you are a good and disciplined programmer, you will make a few 2-3 thousand US dollars (in ZLD) every months, working part-time.

Fourth, you can host your own Zold node and collect taxes and hosting bonuses. This page explains how to do that. If your node is powerful enough (more than 4 CPUs), you will earn 2-6 ZLD every day.

Fifth, you can buy ZLD at AlterDice, the first crypto exchange that lists our coin.