The First Exchange Trading ZLD Coins

We’re glad to share great news. Zold, an alternative non-Blockchain cryptocurrency, which we started to develop in February 2018, was listed by the first crypto exchange: AlterDice. ZLD is traded against BTC, USD, and ETH and its price is 0.0002704 BTC at the moment. Let me tell you a short story of how we managed to get there and what it took to connect Zold to their software platform.

First of all, I have to tell you that the situation with crypto exchanges on the market is a tragedy now. We tried to discuss our product with almost 40 of them and half of them were an obvious scam. They were either asking us for some money upfront with no guarantee, or were not understanding what non-Blockchain meant at all. It seems that the crypto market is so young now that the majority of players are far from being serious. Hopefully, this situation will change in some time.

Second, our protocol of data management is very different from what Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies provide, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. We don’t have a block explorer, we have no transaction hashes, payment addresses look different in Zold, and even transaction processing algorithm works differently, comparing to Bitcoin, for example. All these technical differences scare the majority of traditional exchanges.

Having this all in mind, it is easy to understand how much we appreciate the work AlterDice did for us. The integration took almost three weeks and we managed to resolve a lot of technical issues on our side, thanks to their feedback and suggestions. We integrated them with our WTS platform, via RESTful HTTP API.

You can try it yourself. Just go to their website, create an account, fund it with ZLD or BTC, and place an order to either sell or buy ZLD.

Thanks, folks from AlterDice!