Zold, Make Me Rich!

Just a few weeks ago we made our financial model public, here is the PDF with a brief explanation. However, despite all my efforts to make this model obvious and easy to understand, there are many questions. The first one is: So, what? And the next one is: How to become a millionaire? Let me explain.

The information contained herein is not intended to be a source of advice or credit analysis with respect to the material presented, and the information and/or documents contained in this website do not constitute investment advice.

First of all, here is a very important remark: We, in Zerocracy, believe that the value of bitcoin very soon will become stable enough to avoid drops, which are larger than 47% per year. For your information, this is the spread BTC managed to demonstrate over the last years (thanks to @ammaratef45 for helping me prepare the data):

Year High Low Up Down

If you share this belief with us, read on. Otherwise, close this blog post, forget about Zold, and invest into Apple, Facebook, Alphabet, or just make a bank deposit.

Now, let’s get to the business. This is what you do.

First, you buy one bitcoin for $3,630 (at the time of writing).

Then, you exchange it to 4000 zolds (current rate is here).

We promise to increase the rate each month, by 4% (of course, keep in mind that it is just a promise and we may change it in the future even without notice).

You wait a year and exchange your 4000 zolds to 1.6 bitcoins.

You sell bitcoins and get $5,343 back (you pay 8% fee for your selling operation).

Your profit is $1,715 or 47% per year.

Not bad, huh?

What can go wrong? There are basically three risks:

  • The value of bitcoin may drop for more than 47%.

  • We may not increase the rate by 4% a month.

  • We may steal your bitcoins and disappear.

If you are ready to tolerate these risks, join us and start investing right away. Remember that aside from making yourself a good profit you are helping Zerocracy, which is leading the revolution in management and software development (read our mission statement).

Technically, the profit you will get is coming from the business Zerocracy will make, using your bitcoins (to attract strategic venture investors). So, by buying ZLD now you are lending bitcoins to us. We promise to return them with an interest.