Hosting Bonuses

As you know from the White Paper, each wallet has to pay taxes to some network nodes in order to stay alive. The taxes those nodes collect is the incentive for their owners to keep servers online. In other cryptocurrencies this mechanism is called mining, we call it taxes. However, while the network is still young, the amount of taxes we can collect is way smaller than what server owners pay for the hardware and electricity. That’s why, to incentivize them, we pay hosting bonuses, on top of taxes.

At the moment, the mechanism is simple. Every hour server (you can see its source code) selects the best 8 nodes out of those it can see and pays them 1 ZLD, distributing equally. If it can’t find eight nodes, it uses as many as it can find.

Pay attention, there is no guarantee that your node will receive the bonus every hour!

If it doesn’t pay at all, feel free to submit an issue to GitHub.

If you want to stay on top of things and monitor our system closely, just read this Telegram channel.

We will update this article, if something changes.