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There is no particular order. You will get 64 ZLD for each published article.

  • What are the pros and cons of our key competitors, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Nano, IOTA, etc.?

  • Who makes the decision of updating Bitcoin software? Is it really a democratic process or just a small group of people decide?

  • How expensive cryptocurrencies are and is it how they should be?

  • How many currencies the world needs and why?

  • Is it possible to have a no-fee cryptocurrency, where all payments are free?

  • Bitcoin has a technically limited total supply of 21m BTC, while Ethereum has no limit—which approach is better?

  • What are the top ten industries where crypto currencies will be used first of all and why?

  • Will it be possible to reduce market volatility of cryptocurrencies and stabilize them?

  • Who really owns mineable cryptos?

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