This page contains all necessary official information about Zold cryptocurrency. If something is missing, please email us.

Name Zold.

Author and creator Yegor Bugayenko CEO of Zerocracy Inc.

GitHub Repository zold-io/zold

Ticker ZLD.

Logo SVG, PNG.

Token type Utility.

Short description Zold is an experimental cryptocurrency for fast micro-payments without Blockchain.

Longer description Zold is a faster and more efficient cryptocurrency alternative to Blockchain-based digital payment systems like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Zold is based on its own custom consensus protocol called Zit, which doesn’t have a central ledger and processes transactions between wallets simultaneously. Zold has a potential to process a million transactions per second keeping confirmation time as low as one hour.

Full description In the last few years digital currencies have successfully demonstrated their ability to become an alternative financial instrument in many different markets. Most of the technologies available at the moment are based on the principles of Blockchain architecture, including dominating currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Despite its popularity, Blockchain is not the best possible solution for all scenarios. One such example is for fast micro-payments. Zold is an experimental alternative that enables distributed transactions between anonymous users, making micro-payments financially feasible and fast. It borrows the “proof of work” principle from Bitcoin, and suggests a different architecture for digital wallet maintenance.

Official documents White Paper (25+ pages), Green Paper (4 pages).

Smart contracts No.

Mining No, it’s pre-mined.

Mining algorithm None.

Block observer/explorer Here

Total supply 2.15 billion.

Programming language Ruby.

Social media links Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Telegram group @zold_io.

HQ email